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About us


Working on the evolution of Digital TV since 2013.

We are a telecommunications company focused on the field of digital television. With a solid foundation in signal processing and DVB standards, since 2013 we have specialised in providing research and development services for set-top boxes (STBs), TVs and Apps.

Desarrollo de STBs, Tvs y Apps

Our experience allows us to cover all phases of the life cycle of an STB: from the requirements gathering with the operator and selection of new equipment, to the field tests and deployment to the end user. In between, we carry out the validation tests of the different versions of the SW, the certifications that your set-top box needs (Google, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Dolby,…) and the whole process of communication and meetings with the different partners and teams working on the project.

Android TV is the operating system that incorporates many of the decoders that we all have in our homes. It has a whole ecosystem of ready-to-use applications (via the Play Store) and the robustness backed by Google. However, it also has its restrictions and impositions to comply with. We can evaluate your specific case and study other operating systems or retail STBs.

While set-top boxes are the devices we work with the most, whether you are a company developing OTT apps, user interfaces or any other TV-related device or application, we can help you.

We have validation suites to automate testing and perform different types of QA (manual, functional, regression and stability). And most importantly, rigorous requirements gathering and the correct understanding of the solution you want to implement.

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