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Support for issue resolution

Soporte resolución incidencias

We solve issues in TV devices and decoders.

At Imarote we put at your disposal the best team of experts in issue resolution that will allow you to streamline processes and provide an optimal service to your customers.

Análisis incidencias

Throughout these years, we have recurrently encountered different patterns that hinder the issue resolution phase.

One of these most repeated scenarios is the following: we receive a large volume of calls whose description does not match the issues observed and corrected during the different previous validations.

For various reasons, both the operator and the call centre do not have the necessary information (reproduction steps, logs, detailed description, etc.) to carry out an efficient investigation.

In this scenario, either there is a blockage due to lack of information, or one of the teams in the project starts a round of brainstorming, blind tests, … with the consequent loss and inefficient use of time.

Even if a final result is reached in which the issue is solved and, therefore, the volume of calls is reduced, the path taken is not at all the desired one since that team has worn itself out excessively.

For any type of issue you may have with your device, we offer a specialised call centre data analysis service, specific steps to improve user interaction and detailed tracking and investigation of the feedback you provide.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you with those problematic issues that prevent you from providing the service you want for your customers.

Soporte técnico decodificadores TV

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