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R&D for TV set-top boxes

I+D para decodificadores de TV

Major developments for Digital Television.

In today's entertainment landscape, TV set-top boxes have evolved to become the gateway to a world of numerous possibilities. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, the advances will reach your home as soon as possible.

Desarrollo de Android TV y Apps Tv Digital

The advent of platforms such as Android TV has transformed the way we consume content.

These platforms not only offer the traditional TV experience, but also act as personalised entertainment hubs.

With the integration of streaming apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, users can enjoy an unlimited variety of movies, series and exclusive on-demand content.

This synergy between TV set-top boxes and streaming apps redefines how we interact with content, allowing us to explore and enjoy programmes on our own terms, thereby enriching our audiovisual experience in a way never before imagined.

However, the implementation and deployment of this new entertainment paradigm is not possible without a rigorous integration, certification and validation process, both at the set-top box and app level.

To carry out the different phases of this process, our experience and solvency in the digital TV sector come into play.

desarrollo TV Digital

What services do we offer?

Consultoriía estratégica

Strategic Consulting

We offer advice on market trends and the technologies that best suit your project. We sit down with you to study and analyse the desirable requirements and, subsequently, define your strategy and phases to follow.

In parallel, we put you in contact with the different actors you need to form the project’s ecosystem: manufacturers, integrators, UI developers, content providers, …

Estándares y certificaciones

Standards and certifications

As we have already mentioned, the presence of Android TV (or other platforms) implies a certification phase to ensure that the SW of the device complies with the standards of that platform.

In the case of Android TV, we help you with the validation suites that allow you to achieve the compatibility imposed by Google.

In addition, there are other regulations such as the energy consumption imposed by the EC on all electrical devices, the HDMI port and the Dolby audio system; or those of certain streaming Apps such as Netflix.

Pruebas de Validación

Validation testing (QA)

We carry out all kinds of tests (usability, regression, performance, etc.) to guarantee the correct functioning of your device.

We ensure that all the requirements of the project have been properly implemented by the developers and we make sure that, in case of failure, we clearly and effectively transmit the necessary information to correct the error.

For more details about our QA services please access the Validation Testing section.

Optimización en la experiencia usuario

Optimisation of the user experience

Despite all the requirements and internal testing prior to product deployment, it is during the field testing phase that feedback from future end users is received.

By properly aggregating and filtering these opinions, we can analyse the modules that are acting as a bottleneck and subsequently propose improvements in the performance of the SW, either for the final SW or for future evolutions of the same.

We help you with it all!